Blackrock NeuroMed: 

Blackrock NeuroMed® manufactures and sells the extensive line of Cervello EEG/LTM systems, which provide physicians and clinicians a range of products from advanced EEG monitoring systems and ICU systems to Ambulatory systems.  System features include up to 256 channels, marco- and micro-electrode recording, high sampling rates, remote monitoring capabilities, Bluetooth wireless connectivity and full HD video recording.

Comprehensive service and support with start-to-finish integration and IT consultation are provided with all installations.  Visit our website: or contact us at or 801.994.5661.

Blackrock NeuroMed customizes system solutions to the unique needs of our customers and each configuration is supported by a highly-trained technical support engineering team.

  • NeuroMed’s installation team ensures all systems are fully compatible with your hospital network and HL7 interfaces
  • 24/7 Telephone and Remote technical support, On-site support
  • Data is synchronized over your hospital network allowing for data storage locally on the network or cloud storage at pre-specified locations defined by the customer
  • Pre-installation IT service and support delivers an optimal set-up for your organization



As its name suggests, Ten2O® conductive paste is ideally suited for technicians applying 10 mm electrodes in a 10 20 pattern for EEG tests. Since its market introduction, Ten2O conductive paste has been a staple expert technicians have come to rely on to have the desired balance of adhesiveness and conductivity. Product instructions, considerations and ingredients are available for review or downloading in many languages on our web page.  M.S.D.S.information is also readily available at our web site. Do you know what you are putting on your patient? We put our ingredients on the label. We don't have to...but we thought you would want to know. Call us at Toll Free 800-525-2130 for additional technical information. 565-B Nucla Way Auroa, CO 80011 Local: 303-366-1804 800-525-2130 Fax:303-367-5118


Cadwell Laboratories, Inc. -

Established by John Cadwell BSEE,MD and Carl Cadwell, DDS in 1979, Cadwell designs, manufactures and sells Neurodiagnostic and neurophysiologic monitoring instruments to laboratories, hospitals, physicians, and others. Diagnostic products include the Sierra® II Wedge and Sierra® Wave EMG/NCV/EP, Easy EEG & PSG, and Easy® Ambulatory 2 EEG. Neurophysiological surgical monitoring products include the highly portable Cascade® (IOM) system. A full range of Touchproof Safe™ Electrodes and instrument accessories are also available. Call us or visit our website. Hours 6:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PST. 909 N. Kellogg street Kennewick, WA 99336 800-245-3001 It takes more than talent and training to achieve perfection…. It takes the right tools!


The Electrode Store:

For over 30 years, The Electrode Store has been a leader in accessories for EEG, EP, IOM, and EMG.  We provide the best electrodiagnostic electrodes and sensors, most manufactured in Washington State. Our adhesive disposable surface electrodes are made with the highest quality silver/silver-chloride gel. We offer a variety of subdermal needles, including a hooked subdermal needle. Quick response time, the ability to customize products and a knowledgeable customer service staff makes your shopping experience friendly and easy. Contact us online:, email:, toll free: 1-800-537-1093 or fax: 360-829-0402.

Grass Technologies, An Astro-Med Inc. Product Group -  

Grass Technologies offers a wide range of instrumentation for PSG, EEG, and Long-term Monitoring - from lab-based to ambulatory to WIRELESS high-performance recorders - at very affordable prices. Our systems feature the world-renowned accuracy, dependability and performance of Grass amplifiers, and powerful Windows software. A full line of accessories, transducers, electrodes, video equipment, oximeters, etc. is also available. For your shopping convenience, many items are available in our Online Store. 600 East Greenwich Avenue West Warwick, RI 02893 phone: 401-828-4000 fax: 401-822-2430 email:


Nihon Kohden America, Inc.
The Nihon Kohden family of products includes instrumentation for IOM, Epilepsy Monitoring, Electroencephalography, Ambulatory Recording for EEG & PSG, Polysomnography, Wireless EEG & PSG. Electromyography and Evoked Potentials. Nihon Kohden offers the flexibility and expandability needed to meet the changing demands of today's Neurodiagnostic field.  Call (800) 325-0283 or visit our website at for more information.


Stellate is a leading global supplier of comprehensive solutions for EEG, Long Term Epilepsy Monitoring and Sleep Diagnostics. The company’s Harmonie systems can be found at a wide range of institutions from small clinics to large universities and hospitals. Stellate’s customized solutions include pre-purchase consultation and needs analysis, site planning, systems integration, installation, training and post-sale support. The company maintains a comprehensive quality system that conforms to ISO 13485:2003, ISO 9001:2000 and CE requirements. 376 Victoria Avenue Ste 200 Montreal, Quebec H3Z 1C3 Phone: 514-486-1306. For information e-mail

Weaver and Company --
Nuprep® Gel has gained a loyal following among leading EEG technicians around the globe. Nuprep’s mild abrasive action reduces skin impedance during diagnostic testing so technicians can achieve more accurate results. Nuprep Gel strips away dead skin when applied, and moistens the cornium layer for improved tracings.


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